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We aim to value your account well within 24 HOURS of you submitting the sell to us form.

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Sell Your Fortnite Account

If you’re wondering how to sell your Fortnite accounts for real cash then you’ve come to the right place. At DGZ Gold, we will provide you with a valuation within 24 hours of filling out our sell to us form. If you choose to accept, the funds will be sent quickly via a secure transaction.

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How to Sell Your Fortnite Account


The process of selling your Fortnite account is fairly straightforward. Our team of experts are here to guide you through the process and are available to chat with at all times via our Discord. To get paid for your Fortnite account simply follow these steps;


  1. Decide That You Want to Sell Your Fortnite Account


First of all, make sure you want to commit! Once you have sold your account to us you will not be able to recover it. Therefore you will need to be 100% certain that you are happy to sell.


  1. Fill out the ‘Sell to Us’ Form


Once you are set on making some money and selling your Fortnite Account then fill out the sell to us form. We need these details so that we can make a fair and accurate valuation of your account.


  1. Wait for Your Valuation


Our dedicated team of expert work as quickly as possible to assess all of the variables associated with selling your Fortnite account. Once the assessment has been completed you will be contacted with a valuation.


  1. Accept our Offer


Should you wish to proceed with the sale once your offer has been made then simply let our team know and we will proceed with processing your payment.

It’s as easy as that! If you want to make some real-world money from your Fortnite account then get in touch with our team via Discord today.



How Much Are Fortnite Accounts Worth?


This is the million-dollar question. Whilst Fortnite accounts won’t be worth anywhere near £1m, you can still expect a sum that makes the process more than worth your while. Due to the multitude of factors to take into account when providing valuations, we cannot give accurate estimates without evaluating each account individually. This means that will have to complete the sell to us form and allow one of our team to assess your account.


Is Selling Fortnite Accounts Allowed?


Epic Games makes it clear in their terms and conditions that selling, leasing or renting accounts is prohibited. However, that is not to say that the practice of selling accounts does not take place. DGZ Gold has a long history of buying and selling Fortnite related products and our specialists know the game inside and out. This means that there is very little risk associated with selling your Fortnite account with us.


Why Do People Buy Fortnite Accounts?


People will want to buy Fortnite accounts for various reasons. If an account has lots of desirable content attached to it such as skins and emotes then players who are unable to unlock them for themselves may be interested. As a general rule, the more unlocks you have on your account and the rarer they are, the more your Fortnite account will be worth.

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