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Sea of Thieves – Spinal Figurehead


Yo ho ho, a bottle of rum and a pirate’s life for me! Show your merciless side with the Spinal Figurehead for your Sea of Thieves ship. 

A rare Killer Instinct themed cosmetic, which used to be limited to live events, the Spinal Figurehead is now available to Sea of Thieves online players. A real pirate knows honest work is a waste of time – get your hands on the Spinal Figurehead this instant with DGZ Gold. 

How to Get the Spinal Figurehead on Sea of Thieves?

To get the Spinal Figurehead cosmetic on Sea of Thieves you’ll need to head over to Mixer, sign up with your Sea of Thieves account and watch a whole lot of Arena Matches (that’s 10 of them) to unlock the rare cosmetic. 

With DGZ Gold you can speed up the process and transform your ship in an instant. Our service is quick and easy, and all you need to do is: 

  • Go to and follow the page instructions
  • Sign in or Join up with your Xbox Live ID
  • Enter your 5×5 code, click next and then confirm
  • Open Ship Customisation Chest in Sea of Thieves to equip your item.

Sail in style with our Sea of Thieves doubloons and Sea of Thieves gold packages.

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