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Sea of Thieves Pirate Legend (Xbox One/PC)

Sea of Thieves Pirate Legend (Xbox One/PC)


This is a Sea of Thieves account rank recovery service to take you up to Pirate Legend status. This means you will be Level 50 or over with Merchant Alliance, Order of Souls and Gold Hoarders.

Pirate Legend is one of the highest accolades on Sea of Thieves and allows you to flaunt a whole set of Pirate Legend exclusive gear and ship items. You also gain access to exclusive Athena quests and more. Alternatively, you can also browse our range of Sea of Thieves gold and doubloons.

Our Sea of Thieves boosting services have a lengthy delivery process but will be completed within two weeks. Your supplier will communicate with you to determine the best times to perform the process so you still have access to your console at key times.



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