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Sea of Thieves Gold (Xbox One/PC/Steam)


Conquer the seven seas with gold! The in-game currency in Sea of Thieves will get you all standard cosmetic items and voyages. Spend generously at shops or companies found at outposts and seaposts.


How to Make Gold Quick in Sea of Thieves

Gold Hoarders Quests, Order of Souls missions and Merchant Alliance missions are just some of the ways you can get precious gold. You can get anywhere from 50-100 gold coins to almost a 1000. The quests might take time and effort but the rewards can get you some shining new kits. 


Buying gold from DGZ Gold can save you time and effort and you can receive a variety of gold bundles directly to your Sea of Thieves account on Xbox One or PC. Travel the seas in style with various cosmetics and black market items!


Delivery Time: Within 24-48 hours


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