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Sea of Thieves Doubloons (Xbox One/PC)


Having doubloons in Sea of Thieves is one of the most important things a player can do. They are the game’s secondary currency and will allow you to purchase a variety of rare items. Earning doubloons in-game can take a lot of time and this is where DGZ Gold can help.

Doubloons are the in-game currency for Sea of Thieves, first introduced in the Sunken Curse Event. You’ll be rewarded with Sea of Thieves doubloons when certain commendations are completed and they can be exchanged with Duke for voyages and cosmetics during special events.  You can also exchange them for  gold and reputation at any time.

How to Get Sea of Thieves Doubloons

There are various ways to get doubloons on Sea of Thieves, though it might take you some time to get a significant amount. You can earn doubloons by completing Bilge Rat Adventures, Mercenary Voyages, finding Reaper’s Chests, Ritual Skulls and Rag and Bone crates.

If you need doubloons quickly DGZ Gold can help. Buy doubloons for PC and Xbox One and travel the seas in style with various cosmetics and black market items! Alternatively, browse our full range of Sea of Thieves gold.

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