Roblox Limited Items

Want to grow your collection of Roblox Limited Items with fast and secure delivery? Now you can with our range of rare Roblox Limited Items. Buy these and you’ll receive unique cosmetic items for your in-game avatar.


Using DGZ Gold is the easiest way to obtain Limited Items and grow your collection with fast delivery. Why pay for your Limited Items with Robux when you can purchase the in-game cosmetics from with cheaper pricing?


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What Are Limited Items in Roblox?

Roblox limited items are items that were originally sold by Roblox themselves. They will not be sold again so players must purchase them from other users. There are plenty of Roblox items that will go limited like unique ones that are sold until they run out.


What is the Rarest Roblox Limited Item?

The Dominus is regarded as the rarest and hardest limited item to get in Roblox. It costs thousands of Robux and is seen as a status symbol within the Roblox community.


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