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Want to grow your Roblox Adopt Me! Pet collection with fast, safe and secure delivery? Now you can, with our range of rare Roblox pets that are delivered directly to you in-game.


Adopt Me! is a virtual game based on Roblox, where you can buy and trade various pets, and then raise them using potions and food to give them unique abilities and special powers. The rare pets in Adopt Me! are usually expensive, however, due to being special editions and event exclusives..


Our Roblox rare pet packages provide you with the easiest way to upgrade your Pets to Neon or Mega and grow your collection Why pay for your Roblox Adopt Me Pets using Robux when you can purchase the Pets directly from with cheaper pricing?


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How Do You Get a Neon Pet in Adopt Me Roblox?

To upgrade your pet to neon in-game, you’ll need to place a fully grown pet in one of the coloured areas. This will then need to be repeated until you have a pet in all four of the circles. Once this is completed they will combine to form a neon pet of that type! This is, however, a long and often expensive process. Use our services to speed up your neon pets today!


Can You Buy Neon Pets in Adopt Me?

No, you must complete the process of having four fully grown pets of the same type and placing them in the coloured circle areas. You cannot simply buy them. However, you can buy the pets needed by browsing the categories on this page.


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