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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Online Cash (Xbox One/Series X)

Cash is king when it comes to Red Dead Redemption online! Get money and gold bars from DGZ Gold at up to 60% off other online prices. You can use them to buy things like new apparel, weapons and other items whilst also being able to upgrade your campsite and pay off any unwanted bounties.  


The issue with obtaining money the old fashioned way is that it takes a lot of time. Completing missions, hunting down bounties, looting and selling precious items all take up in-game hours and leave less time to be spent taking over New Hanover. 


Fortunately, there’s a fast way to get Red Dead money for PS4 so you can survive in the Wild West. Buy Red Dead Redemption money from us and receive up to $20,000 almost instantly to get everything you need to be the greatest outlaw in the west.

Get Online Money For Red Dead Redemption 2 Xbox

Our service allows you to gain Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Cash on Xbox One and Series X. As the main currency of Red Dead Online, it can be used to buy all manner of things from new weapons and clothing to upgrades for your camp.


Play Red Dead Redemption 2 Online without the worry of earning cash or having limited supplies – making it much easier to become a legendary outlaw.


Browse our full range Red Dead Redemption 2 money and gold.


How do You Get RDR2 Delivered to Your Xbox Account?

It’s quick and easy to get your Red Dead Redemption 2 cash delivered straight to your Xbox account. Simply follow these steps:

  • > Select the amount of cash you would like to purchase: Choose from between $300 and a huge $20,000!
  • > Enter your microsoft account email address & password: Enter your email address that is linked to the account you would like the cash deposited into. We will also need your password and for you to ensure that any 2FA is deactivated
  • > Sign out of your account and wait: One of our suppliers will recover your account and deposit the cash 
  • > You will be notified when this process has been completed via email and you will be able to recover your account: Recover your account and spend your cash wisely!




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