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GTA V Rank (PS4)

GTA V Rank (PS4)


Reputation is key in this town.

Rank Information

This is an UP TO Rank service meaning the supplier will take you up to Rank 100 or Rank 120, if you have already exceeded Rank 120 this service is NOT APPLICABLE to you!
(This is a 24-48HR delivery process, you will be able to play OFFLINE in the meantime).

Please follow the below instructions so the supplier does not need to complete the prologue when logging on to your account to deliver the GTA Rank, this will save delivery times by 20 minutes.

Upload Autosave File To Cloud
1. Open Settings on your PS4 System
2. Go to Application Saved Data Management
3. Go to Save Data in System Storage.
4. Upload to Online Storage
5. Go to GTA 5
6. Choose autosave.
7. Upload to the cloud
8. Do not use REST MODE, otherwise the GTA Rank wont save to your account.

Remain logged out
Please remain off the account once the supplier confirms on your order chat that he is starting delivery, logging in will cause the rank to be lost and delays on your order.

Please note: This is only for PC platform. 

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