Fortnite XP Coin Boosting


Tired of having to search for those XP coins each and every week? Would you rather spend your time hunting enemies across the island and trash-talking other players instead? Then you’ve come to the right spot. With DGZ Gold you can boost your weekly coins and get that all important XP.

What are XP Coins?

XP Coins are added weekly to Fortnite Battle Royale and allow you to earn some extra in-game items. They are usually scattered around the map in hard to find locations and are very useful for levelling up your battle pass quickly. With green, blue, purple and gold coins to find – getting them all is an almost impossible task. Use our service to have all of the hard work taken out!

How are the XP Coins delivered?

Our suppliers log in securely to your Epic Games account to manually deliver your XP Coins. Any platform attached to your Epic Games account will have the Fortnite XP Coins credited.

Delivery takes between 24 to 48 hours and you will need to be logged out from the game during the process.

If you order more weekly challenges than are currently available in-game, the extra weeks will be on a ‘pre-order’ basis until the challenges become active. If you order more than the current in-game limit of XP Coins, then any extra XP Coins will be delivered as they become active.

This service is available on all platforms – Xbox One, PS4, PC, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch – and is applied directly to your existing online Fortnite account. Browse our full range of Fortnite skins, V-Bucks packages and Fornite accounts for sale. You can also sell your Fortnite account to us – ideal if you’re looking for some extra money.

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