Fortnite Save The World – Legendary Weapons


Gain access to some of the most powerful weapons in Fortnite with DGZ Gold. If you can’t get your hands on those all important materials then let one of our expert suppliers help. They can source all you need and craft your legendary weapon of choice.


What are Legendary Weapon schematics?

Legendary Weapon Schematics are blueprints that allow players to create powerful weapons and items. Given in the ‘Save The World’ game mode, they are considered extremely difficult to craft due to material requirements. However, if completed players can gain access to some of the most powerful weaponry in the entire game. Our suppliers can craft these weapons and deliver them directly to you!


Delivery is conducted in-game by your supplier. They will invite you to trade for the item/items you have purchased – Please allow up to 24 hours for your items to be ready.


Fortnite Save the World Weapons List

Choose from the following legendary weapons to purchase:

  • Pulsar 9000 – Super powerful shotgun great at close range.
  • Bobcat – Fast firing submachine gun for all close to medium encounters. 
  • Bundlebuss – Super high damage and a large magazine make this a must-have. 
  • De-Atomizer 9000 – This Sci-Fi launcher deals out an exploding ball of energy. 
  • Grave Digger – High damage at a good range, the Grave Digger is an excellent choice. 
  • Obliterator – Slow firing but high damage sniper. Awsome from long range. 
  • Spectral Blade – Sword with an above average attack speed and high sustained damage.
  • Wraith – A silenced assault rifle with savage headshot damage.


This service is available on all platforms – Xbox One, PS4 and PC – and is applied directly to your existing online account. Make sure you check out our range of Fortnite skin bundles and V-Bucks packages.




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