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Fortnite Galaxy Skin Bundle Package

Fortnite Galaxy Skin Bundle Package

(12 customer reviews)


A skin depicting the bodily version of a universe, with small planetary orbs of light orbiting around the avatars head. The Galaxy skin is one of the most rare Fortnite skins; originally you needed to play Fortnite on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 or Note 9 to acquire the Galaxy outfit.

This skin package includes:

  • Galaxy Skin
  • Galaxy Pickaxe
  • Galaxy Backbling
  • Galaxy Glider

This services is available on all platforms and is applied directly to your existing Fortnite account. Browse our full range of rare Fortnite skins.

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12 reviews for Fortnite Galaxy Skin Bundle Package

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    brendan steel

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    Mattias Svabo Samuelsen

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    Charlie Hynes

    awesome site

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    Best app ever

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    Kaiden Shaw

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    Matthew Winslow

    I really like this site

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