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Fortnite Black Knight Account W/ 20 Skins

Fortnite Black Knight Account W/ 20 Skins


This Account Includes:


Black Knight, Calamity, Crackshot, Cuddle Team Leader, Magnus, Abstrakt, Bunny Brawler, Elite Agent, Funk Ops, Giddy-up, Sparkle Specialist, TrailBlazer, Blue Team Leader, Royale Knight, Carbide, Dark Voyager, Drift, Havoc, Omega, The Reaper, The Visitor, Valor, Battlehawk, Blue Striker, DJ Yonder, Huntress, Mission Specialist, MoonWalker, Redline, Rogue Agent, Rust Lord, SludgeHammer, Squad Leader, Sub Commander, Sun Strider, Teknique, Wingman, Zoey, Blue Squire


This incredibly rare account comes with some of the BEST Season skins and accessories, get it before it’s gone! 

(Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch)


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