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COD: Modern Warfare Gold Camo Service

There are three highly prestigious skins in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Gold, Platinum and Damascus. The Gold camouflage is the hardest to obtain, as it’s only unlocked when you have unlocked all 100 camos for the weapon of your choice.

To bypass this, get COD: Modern Warfare Gold camo unlocked on weapons of your choice with our quick, reliable and affordable COD MW camo boosting service. Cut the grind time and become a true weapon master, with no hassle at all.

How to Get the Rare Gold Camo Fast

Use our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gold Camo Service for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC to have the rare Gold camouflage unlocked on your weapons in a safe and secure way. No need to spend countless hours completing challenges and mounting kills, DGZ Gold offers a safe and secure boost.

The COD: Modern Warfare Gold Camo boost service includes:

  • 1x Weapon with Gold Camo

This is available for all platforms and is done using the activation email/password.

As with all Call of Duty packages and other digital services on this site, there is a strict no refund policy. Browse our full range of COD modded account services and achieve your endgame goals.



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