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Borderlands 3 Legendary Items (PS4)

Borderlands 3 Legendary Items (PS4)


Get looted to the max with our Legendary Items service for Borderlands 3 on PS4. Pick from a variety of super rare legendary guns, grenade mods, class mods and much more. Our Borderlands 3 legendary weapons and items are delivered directly to you via one of our professional suppliers

With our Borderlands 3 Legendary items services you can fill up your inventory with the best loot in a secure and safe manner. Browse our full range of Borderlands 3 boosting services.

To use this service, simply select the amount of Borderlands 3 PS4 Legendary Items you would like. You can then select the number of legendary items from the list in the description below. If you do not follow these steps correctly, a random selection of Legendary items will be provided to you.



Borderlands 3 Weapons

  • Handsome JackHammer (SMG)
  • Dobby Sickle (AR) (Anointed)
  • Expert ASMD (Sniper)
  • Terminal Crit (EPIC/Purple SMG with +150% Critical Damage + Anointed)
  • Iron Willed Monocle (Sniper) (Anointed)
  • Redundant Savvy Phebert (Shotgun) (+409% Weapon Damage)
  • Burning Gratifying Laser Sploder (AR)
  • Frozen Ginormous Bangarang XL (Pistol)
  • Trained Ripper (SMG)
  • Auditing Bitch (SMG)
  • Arctic Rabid Kaos (AR)
  • Shrinking Shredder Laser Sploder (AR)
  • Tamed Sleeping Giant (SMG) (Anointed)
  • Girth Blaster Elite (Pistol) (Pre Order Bonus Weapon, Level 50 max)
  • Binary Destructo Spinner (SMG)
  • Expert Kill O The Wasp (Shotgun)
  • Infinity (Infinity pistol)
  • Rebel Yell (AR)
  • Shocking AAA (PISTOL)
  • Hyper Hyderator (Pistol) (Pre Order Bonus Weapon, Level 50 max)
  • Hungry Sleeping Giant (SMG)
  • Gatlin Gatling Gun (AR)
  • Engulfing Ferocious Ogre (AR)
  • Nuclear The Dictator (AR)
  • One Pump Chump (Shotgun) (1097% weapon damage)
  • Lucians Call (AR) (Anointed)
  • Ruby’s Wrath (Rocket Launcher)
  • Zappy Dayumned SkekSil (SMG)
  • Venomous Hornet (Pistol)
  • Conference Call (Shotgun)
  • Cash Infused Brainstormer (Shotgun)
  • L0V3M4CH1N3 (SMG) (Epic/Purple Great weapon, One of the best i’ve used)
  • Kings Call (Pistol)
  • Packin Devastator (Pistol)
  • Queens Call (Pistol)
  • Searing Trained Hellfire (SMG)
  • Binary Mocking Cutsman (SMG)
  • Smart Gun XXL (SMG)
  • Quickdraw Bekah (AR)
  • Rowans Call (AR)
  • Speedloadin Hellwalker (Shotgun) (Anointed)
  • Negating Vicious Lyuda (Sniper)
  • Lucians Call (AR) (Anointed)
  • Coolheaded Headsplosion (SNIPER) (Anointed)
  • Quickdraw Monocle (Sniper)
  • Molten Viscious Lyuda (Sniper) (Anointed)
  • MOARR Linage (Pistol)
  • Resolute Lyuda (Sniper)
  • Deep Dive Face Puncher (Shotgun)
  • Wunderkind The Butcher (Shotgun)
  • Adundant Star Krakotoa (Sniper)
  • Baby Maker ++ (PISTOL)
  • Pestilent Infinity (Infinity pistol)
  • Double Penetrating Gratifying Roisen’s Thorns (Pistol)
  • Undermining Conference Call (Shotgun)
  • Dastardly Amazing Grace (Pistol)
  • Dastardly Unforgiven (Pistol)
  • Dueling Wagon Wheel (Pistol)
  • The Duc (Pistol)
  • Smart Gun XXL (SMG)
  • Speedloadin Hellwalker (Shotgun) (Anointed)
  • The Companion (Pistol)
  • Casual Flakker (Shotgun)

Borderlands 3 Grenade Mods

  • MIRV Hex (Electric)
  • MIRV Hex (Ice)
  • Fastball
  • Surge
  • Hex
  • Rubber Chedder Shredder (Pre Order Bonus grenade, Level 50 max); Enemies drop LOADS of money when damaged
  • Diamond Butt Bomb (Pre Order Bonus grenade, Level 50 max)
  • Generator Tran-Fusion Tracker
  • Singularity Firestorm
  • Firestorm

Borderlands 3 Shields

  • The Transformer
  • Riposte Impaler
  • Brawler Ward
  • Coffee Maker Big Boom Blaster
  • Rebate Stop Gap (Anointed)
  • Rough Rider
  • Deluxe Badass Combustor (Pre Order Bonus grenade, Level 50 max) 10% XP Gain
  • Surplus Red Card
  • Fresh Battery Front Loader
  • Big short stop gap
  • Black Hole
  • Big Pharma Re Charger
  • Re Router
  • Firefighter whiskey tango foxtrot
  • The Transformer (Anointed)

Borderlands 3 Class Mods

  • Collector Cosmic Stalker (FL4K/Beastmaster)
  • Giant Slaying Bounty Hunter (FL4K/Beastmaster)
  • Gouging Marathon DE4DEYE (FL4K/Beastmaster)
  • Venator Cosmic Stalker (FL4K/Beastmaster)
  • Venator Ranger Cosmic Stalker (FL4K/Beastmaster)
  • Gouging Shareware DE4DEYE (FL4K/Beastmaster)
  • Frothing Red Fang (FL4K/Beast,aster)
  • Venator Man Eater Bounty Hunter (FL4K/Beastmaster)
  • _TEMP_ Spectral Phasezerker (Siren/Amara)
  • Primordial Spectral Phasezerker (Siren/Amara)
  • Volatile Maelstorm Nimbus (Siren/Amara)
  • Volatile Meditative Phasezerker (Siren/Amara)
  • Spirited Sonic Boom Infiltrator (Zane/Oprative)
  • Freal Prideful Rakk Commander (Beastmaster)
  • Insomniac Punishing Dragon (Siren)
  • Packaged Resourceful Shockerator (Zane)
  • Premptive double slit cold warrior (Zane)

Borderlands 3 Artifacts

  • Radiodead Static Charge
  • Grave
  • Loot expanding Cosmic Crater
  • Corrosive Stone DEATHLESS
  • Electric Slide Otto Idol
  • Icebreaker Commander Planetoid
  • Unleash the Dragon


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