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If you play pool or 8 Ball Pool and require your rank and certain tables completed/increased then go no further than DigiZani! We offer services to complete various tables for you in-game so that you receive the ring and all other additional benefits that come from that.

What is 8 Ball Pool?

8 Ball Pool is one of the biggest and best multiplayer pool games available anywhere online. Played by millions across the globe, the Miniclip phenomenon that is 8 Ball Pool allows users to put their pool skills to the test against one another either 1 v 1 or in larger tournaments. With the ability to level up and customise your cues there is almost infinite fun to be had. But be warned, this game is highly addictive and obtaining the best items is a long and slow process unless you boot your account with DigiZani.

What are 8 Ball Pool Rings?

Adding rings to your 8 Ball Pool item collections allows you to level your profile up much faster than when using regular coins. They essentially equal VIP points and allow you to boost your rank. With each rank comes a plethora of rewards including increased chances of winning Spin & Win and Luck Shot. Using 8 Ball Pool Rings allows you to level up your profile quickly and easily.


Please ensure that you are level 21 or above in game for this service, this is mandatory and not having this will mean that your order will be delayed until you achieve level 21.



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