RGB Gaming Lamps

Showing all 9 results

Showing all 9 results

Looking for the best gaming lamp to suit your setup? Made from high-quality materials, our selection of RGB gaming lamps are the perfect accessory for your room that not only help you to see at night but also look awesome as decorations. 

Chose from a variety of designs including Megaman, RDR2 and Playstation controller buttons, each created into a unique gaming lamp to add mood and ambience while you play.

These ultimate RGB gaming lamps come with a touch control base that acts as the power button and also allows you to cycle through a variety of colour options. The brightness and colour patterns are also totally customisable, allowing you to set your gaming light up just the way you like it. 

Browse our selection of gaming lights and order yours today. Complete your setup with our games console wall mounts, gaming mats, and console decals.