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Fall Guys Crowns for Sale

Tired of endlessly working towards earning those crowns in Fall Guys? Well, worry no more! With DGZ Gold you can purchase Fall Guys Crown bundles directly from us. They’ll even be delivered directly into your account by one of our expert suppliers.

Get Fall Guys Crowns the easy way directly from us, instead of having to rely on winning or through season rewards. Crowns will allow you to get some of the rarest cosmetic items and pieces of gear, so you’ll stand out from the crowd. Browse our range of Fall Guys Crowns, available for both PS4 and Steam.

What are Crowns?

Crowns make up part of Fall Guys’ in-game currency. Along with Kudos, they allow players to purchase items like character skins. However, unlike Kudos, Crowns are tricky to unlock as you have to win matches, taking both time and skill to do. 

What can I buy with them?

Essentially, all of the best items available. Epic and legendary items will always require you to pay with Crowns. That sweet new skin? Yep, you’ll need plenty of crowns for that.

How does DGZ Gold work?

Our works by giving our suppliers access to your account. Once they have access they will be able to redeem your chosen items. In order for the process to be completed, you must provide your account details upon checkout. Please make sure that 2-factor authentication is turned off and that you are logged out of your account. Once the supplier has finished, you will be notified and able to log back in.

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