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Showing 1–16 of 88 results

Console Skins & Decals

Turn your Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch into a piece of art guaranteed to catch the eye with our range of console skins and decals. Don’t settle for the boring design the manufacturer decided on.


Our collection will bring your console to life and lets you show your personality off to friends and family. Our Xbox One skins and PS4 skins are some of the most popular products we sell but don’t forget you can also get snazzy new skins for your next-gen consoles – such as the Xbox Series X and PS5 – and controllers too. 


Browse our selection and find the style to suit your personality. Don’t forget to check back regularly as we are constantly updating our listings with more and more funky designs.


Whether you’re after a more general style, like a camouflage or graffiti look, or you’re looking for a skin that is specific to your favourite game (GTA or CoD perhaps), you’ll find one here. If you’re looking to pimp your controller too, we have a whole host of controller skins available across all three platforms.


Controller Skin & Console Skin Bundles 

Many of our designs come in bundles. This means that not only will you be able to transform the appearance of your console but you’ll have a matching set of controller skins to go with it.


Each and every one of our designs is bespoke and cannot be bought anywhere else – our design team have worked very hard to bring you the best console and controller skins around.


Easy to Install and Scratch Resistant

You may well be thinking that these skins sound great but will be far too hard to install and get on straight. Well, you’d be wrong! All of our console and controller decals come ready to go with easy to follow instructions to help you get yours on perfectly.


The skins are also scratch resistant. This means it’s much harder to damage or deface them when compared to normal stickers, helping to keep your console looking amazing for longer. They also add protection to your console, stopping the casing from becoming damaged should any accidents happen.


Complete your gaming setup with our range of RGB gaming lamps, console wall mounts, and RGB gaming mats.