8 Ball Pool

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Showing all 5 results

8-Ball Pool Accounts

8 Ball pool has a huge variety of items and assets that players can use to help them on their way to being the king or queen of the online pool hall. To get those items and the best cues, you need pool coins.

What is 8 Ball Pool?

8 Ball Pool is a hugely popular game that is available on iOS, Android and PC. The simple dynamic of the gameplay and well-designed visuals has led to 8-Ball Pool becoming one of Miniclip’s most popular downloads.

The game is simple yet competitive. Opponents play against each other using the game’s virtual pool table with the best score being declared the champion. When winning players are rewarded with coins that can then be spent on in-game items like cues and balls.

Why Buy 8-Ball Pool Accounts?

When purchasing 8-Ball Pool accounts through us here at DGZ Gold, you will be unlocking perks and items that would otherwise take hundreds of hours of gameplay. You can choose what you would like your new account to be loaded with including 8-Ball cash, coins and even legendary cue boxes. Your chosen items will be available to you upon receiving your new account saving you valuable time and effort.

Can Items Be Added to My Current Account?

Yes, when purchasing 8-Ball Pool items you have the option of having them either added to your current account or added to a brand new account for you. Simply select which option you would like us to use when making your purchase.

How Do I Get My Order?

Purchasing and then receiving items bought through us is simple, fast and secure. All you have to do is select which 8-Ball Pool items you would like, select your delivery method and make the payment. Please note that if you are adding items to your current account then you will need to provide your account details. One of our suppliers will then log in and deposit your items.

Once the payment has gone through you will need to give your supplier 24 hours to deliver your goods. The process is often much quicker than that but we allow a maximum of 24 hours for delivery.

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