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Minecraft Dungeons Tips and Tricks

In May 2020, Mojang Studios released the highly anticipated Minecraft Dungeons on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. The Minecraft spinoff is a fun and charming hack and slash story adventure that can be played by up to four players locally or online.

Since its release, we’ve loved going through levels, defeating hostile mobs and finding all those secret chests. To help you get the most out of the game, we’ve lined up our top Minecraft Dungeons tips and tricks.


Use Ranged Weapons on Ranged Enemies

Minecraft Dungeons doesn’t use classes, so you will have to use everything you’ve got to take out enemies. You will always have melee weapons and ranged bows at your disposal – also your artifacts for extra enhancements. Throughout your journey in Dungeons, you will face both ranged and melee enemies.

To survive, you will need to use both melee and ranged weapons while switching between both throughout. The melee weapons are great for close combat so you can save your arrows for those tricky geomancers and skeleton archers.


Use Your Map Often

Most of your time will be spent killing mobs and saving villagers, however there’s also lots to explore! Every level has a complex layout with many dead ends, branching paths and various tunnels. If you explore every part of the map, you’ll find every secret chest and get all the loot possible. The map helps by telling you how many secrets and chests there are to find in each level, so you can keep a tally of what you have so far.


Replay Levels

The world and levels Minecraft Dungeons have been created with a mix of preset designs and randomly generated rewards. The layout of every level is exactly the same, the amount of enemies, the loot they drop and the locations of chests will change with every playthrough. The reward for replaying levels and beating those tougher enemies: better gear.

Every level has multiple difficulties – enemy numbers and strength increase at each difficult level. The level of loot drops is dependent on the difficulty you have chosen to play at. Before making your selection, you can see the range of drops each level has on the mission select screen.


Look at Recommended Power Levels

Because you know that setting the higher difficulty means you get higher level gear, setting the difficulty level higher than your power level is tempting. Getting this better gear would certainly give you a huge boost.

However, we recommend you don’t do that. Until you’re close to or above the recommended power level, you will get frustrated more often than not. We recommend that you play at the highest level possible while staying at or above the recommended power. You will still get better gear and emeralds at the end!


Use Easy to Progress and Hard for Gear

Every mission’s difficulty determines the level of drops you’ll pick up, the level itself also determines what those drops are. It would be smart for you as the player to have options – the more levels you have open means the opportunity to grab a wider variety of loot.

Set your difficulty to the lowest setting and fly through levels to open them up. Afterwards, you can check rewards and loot drops on the mission select screen. Remember that if you do this, you won’t be ready for the harder fights at the end of the game because you won’t have the appropriately leveled gear. Replay the levels you’ve unlocked on as high a difficulty as you can and find the better gear.


Spend Your Emeralds

Every level rewards you with loot including armour and weapons, but you also get rewarded with emeralds. You can spend these at two vendors who appear to your camp:

Each vendor gives you a random item – gear from the Blacksmith and artifacts from the Trader – in exchange for your emeralds. Gear you will receive includes weapons, bows and armour. Artifacts are temporary boost, items including Boots of Swiftness or Totem of Regeneration.

This is the only way to spend your emeralds… so spend them! There’s no need to hoard them for later in the game. It’s worth taking a chance every time you have emeralds in the bank. You might get something better than you already have or perhaps not, but you could.


Turn Unused Gear into Emeralds and Enchantment Points

Gear and artefacts come with a few stats associated with them, but the most important of those is the level. Higher-level gear is always better. Older gear with lower levels can’t be sold, but you can salvage it from your current inventory. The process turns unwanted items into emeralds, which can then be spent on getting more gear.

The same can be said for your enchanted gear, which you can salvage for enchantment points. Every time you level up, you get an enchantment point. These points can be used to unlock random perks for your gear. Salvaging any enchanted piece gives you all your points back and a heap of emeralds as well.


Multiple Enchantment Slots in Gear

Low-level gear has just one enchantment slot available. Even with one slot, you can still spend up to six enchantment points to level up that single enchantment. As you progress through the levels and find better gear, some will include additional enchantment slots at your disposal.

The bottom right of your inventory screen displays this information – the metal-like diamonds show any unavailable slots. Any slots that aren’t diamonds are open to enchantments.


Get Minecraft Emeralds & Enchantment Points

As you know by now, you need emeralds to buy gear and enchantment points to improve your gear. What is the fastest way to get hold of both of these precious things? DGZ Gold. You can buy up to 10,000 emeralds for Minecraft Dungeons if you’re playing on the Minecraft Dungeons Launcher, PC or Xbox One. We also have XP and Enchantment Point packages available where you can grow up to 20 levels and gain 20 Enchantment Points on Minecraft Launcher, PC and Xbox One.

Get all the Minecraft Dungeons packages you need with DGZ Gold today to hack and slash your way through the dungeons at will.

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