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How to Find Secret Levels in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is the latest release from the Minecraft series. The hugely popular video game franchise has had various spinoffs and adaptations over the years with this latest incarnation coming in the form of a platform-style dungeon crawler.

Despite receiving mixed reviews, the game has proved to be pretty popular and hasn’t taken dedicated fans long to finish. But even if you’ve played your way through the story mode campaign, there are still plenty of secrets to discover.

Some of the hardest in-game discoveries come in the form of secret levels. Scattered across different areas are hidden crypts containing new maps, treasures and loot.

When reading our guide please bear in mind that Minecraft Dungeons uses procedural generation. This means that in-game elements such as enemies and loot spawn randomly, therefore your experience could differ slightly from ours.


Creepy Crypt

To find the secret Creepy Crypt level you’ll need to be paying attention when completing the quest ‘Creeper Woods.’ You’ll be tasked with rescuing a villager before encountering a fork in the path ahead of you. When you get to this point, make sure you head left. You’ll find a switch at the end of the path that gives you access to the crypt.

Once you’re in, simply pick the map up and you’ll have unlocked the secret Creepy Crypt mission. Beware though, as soon as you do a mob will attack! 


Lower Temple 

The Lower Temple secret level is found during the Desert Temple mission. Start your search there and complete the level until you acquire the golden key.

Once you’ve successfully located the golden key, use it to unlock the nearby golden gate. Make your way through some perilous traps until you reach water.

It is here that you must leave the main quest line and venture down one of the separate paths leading to a room filled with beacons. There will be three of these that need to be activated. Once this has been done a bridge will appear. 

Head over the bridge and pick up the map on the pedestal. Congratulations, you’ve unlocked the Lower Temple! 


Arch Haven

Next up we’ll look at Arch Haven. To unlock this level, head to the Pumpkin Pastures. Play the mission as you normally would until the Arch-illager surprises you with an ambush.

Once survived, head over the drawbridge and clear all enemies in the area. Now the important bit. A ship should appear when you get passed the drawbridge. Be sure to check each and every part of the map for it.

Unfortunately, it does not always appear. Its chance of spawning is very low and if it doesn’t appear, you will have to start the mission again. No luck a second time? Repeat the process until it appears! 

Once it (finally) shows itself, head inside the ship and beat a few inevitable mobs. Once you’ve beaten them, grab the map and well done, you’ve unlocked Arch Haven! 


Soggy Cave 

For this one, head to the soggy swamp first. Once you’re there, like the other levels, begin the quest as you normally would. You should instantly see that there are secrets available. If you don’t, simply restart the mission until there are.

Note at this point that for those of you who have already unlocked the church, you’ll need to make sure there are at least two secrets showing as available to have any chance of unlocking Soggy Cave.

Once you’re through the first area, search the bottom of the map for an entrance. Head through and prepare to fight several mobs before being able to activate the beacon that is inside. Once activated, more mobs will spawn. Defeat them to unlock Soggy Cave! 



Highblock Halls is where you’ll begin your quest to unlock Underhalls. Near the entrance, you’ll be able to find a secret way in. You’re looking for two shields between the stairs as one of them is actually a switch.

Once you’re in all you need to do is grab the map! Yep, it’s that easy.


The Secret Cow Level

The secret what? Yes, you read that correctly, the Secret Cow Level. 

Whilst completing Minecraft Dungeons’ main campaign you’ll need to collect 9 runes. These are hidden along the main storylines but can be a bit tricky to find. Once you’ve found them all you’ll be able to play The Secret Cow Mission. 

There you have it, our guide to unlocking all of the secret levels Minecraft Dungeons has to offer. If you’re after more help getting the most out of the game then make sure you check out our Minecraft tips and tricks guide as well as our blog on how to find all of those unique Minecraft Dungeons items.

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