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How to Make More Money in Borderlands 3

Money is a much bigger deal in Borderlands 3 compared to previous titles, meaning you need lots of it to survive the brutal universe this game has to offer. Money in Borderlands 3 is used to buy the best gear, health items, ammo and storage deck upgrades to carry more of everything.

That’s why, vault hunters, you must spend some precious time getting as much money as you can buy all the loot and ammo you need to survive. We take you through how to make more money in Borderlands 3.


How to make money fast

There are a few easy ways to make money fast in Borderlands 3:

You may be thinking that these are things you do already. This is true, as shoot, loot and sell is the name of the game across the entire Borderlands series. However, there are certain things you can do with each to get that little bit more and quickly.

Open lockers and safes

There are thousands of places to loot from in Borderlands 3 but the fastest and easiest way to make money to loot lockers and safes. How much you get is random each time, but lockers contain plenty of loot and cash to build your bank. Safes exclusively contain money, guaranteeing you some easy cash.

Sell your guns

It’s no surprise in a game of shoot and loot, that guns are everywhere. While you may keep some at a time as they have a high score and match your play style, you will collect countless weapons that you don’t need and will never use. Got to a Guns or Ammo vending machine and you can sell them for money. You can also buy back any weapons you sell for the same amount of money.

Sell Lost Loot

When you fast travel to Sanctuary, you will find a Lost Loot Vending machine that gives you some loot that you have left behind. This allows you to sell it for a nice profit. You head back to Sanctuary quite often, so be sure to always check your lost loot.

Finishing side quests

Borderlands 3 is a huge open world across various planets that you visit during the story. However, there are lots of missions around, for you to do on the side. The majority of side missions end with you gaining access to a reward room, stocked with weapons and various sums of money. You’ll also get a money reward for completing the mission. Bounty Hunting is quite lucrative with many criminals waiting to be taken down by you.


Other Ways to Make Money

Above we have listed the most conventional ways that players can make money in Borderlands 3, but there are other methods you can try.

Moxxi’s Bar

We all love a trip to Moxxi’s bar and you will have noticed that there are few slot machines for you to try. They are expensive to play, but you might earn a tonne of money. Don’t get too invested in doing this, however, as you could also lose a lot of money. Pocket what cash you do earn and sell any loot you win.

Pandora Skag Cave

At the beginning of the game, you will be on Pandora and if you need some cash the Skag Cave is a good place to check out. Drive to the Ascension Bluff and start killing Skags in the bottom right corner of the area on your map. Once they’ve been killed, a boss Skag appears and killing him will deliver a nice amount of money. Inside the cave is also a weapons chest, so you can earn a better weapon or gain more to sell at a vending machine.

Typhon Logs

Scattered across the planets you visit are Typhon Logs, made by a mystery character, that provide more information about the area you are in. If you complete a Typhon Log in a particular area, you will gain access to a weapons locker giving you more loot to keep or sell.

Wainwright Jakobs’ Mansion

Every Vault Hunter needs a friend with a nice pad full of goodies and cash, and Jakobs’ mansion is full of that. Once you gain access to it in the story, you can continue to fast travel there at any point. Two weapons chests contain great loot, which you can sell at the vending machine in the house. There are also lots of cash safes for you to open. Rewards always replenish in the mansion every time you load up the game, so it’s worth going back to if you’re a bit short.

Proving Grounds

Once the game is complete, cash is vital for keeping your ammo supplies maxed out and to give you a chance to buy power items that show up in vendors. The Proving Grounds is the perfect place in the endgame to earn money and loot. You must beat three waves of enemies followed by a boss to get the rewards. The faster your complete trial, the better your rewards will be.

Now you know how to make money in Borderlands 3, it’s time to get out there, find those vault keys and save the universe!Get all the in-game currency you need for some of the biggest games including GTA V, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Sea of Thieves and more at DGZ Gold!


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