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How to Make Money in Red Dead Redemption 2

When you first start out playing Red Dead Redemption 2 you’ll have no chance of buying all of the fancy items and cool weapons available. That’s why it’s important to learn how to make money in Red Dead Redemption 2, and how to make it fast. Doing this will allow you to not only improve and upgrade your camp but also to clear any bounties you may have placed on your head.


Like with most games, in the early stages it’s particularly difficult to gather as many funds as you’d like. Once you venture far enough into the game you’ll be able to trade items that you find on your travels for cash. But this is not the only way to make a quick buck in New Hanover. We’ve put this guide together that explains how you can go from broke cowboy to king of the west by making shed loads of Red Dead Redemption 2 money fast!


Completing Story Missions 

The first and most obvious way that you can build your bank balance is through completing story missions. Working your way through both the main storyline and any side quests you come across is a sure-fire way to get paid. When you’re first starting you won’t be earning the big bucks, but as you work your way through the missions you’ll receive more and more for each one completed.


Trading With Fences

Throughout New Hannover, you’ll come across tradesmen who will sell you all sorts of weird and wonderful things. But if you turn your attention to one specific type you’ll be able to sell your unwanted trinkets for cash. Fences are traders who specialise in animal products and hunting equipment. Head out into the wilderness to catch yourself some meat before heading back and selling him the spoils – you won’t receive thousands but it’ll be a good start.


Work On Your Pokerface

Playing mini-games in RDR2 is another great way to earn a dollar or two. If you know your way around a deck of cards and fancy a flutter playing blackjack or poker then you can make some real money doing so. Much like in real life, you’ll need a mixture of luck and skill to do well and you’ll get out of it what you put in. There is also a range of less intense mini-games to have a go at including Five Finger Fillet and Dominoes.


Join the Gold Rush

The wild west was full of people searching for gold and New Hannover is no different. The land is littered with high-value gold bars worth around $500 each. If you can find them then you’ll be able to sell them for a pretty penny. Find more than one and you’ll become a wealthy cowboy.


Try heading north and finding the derailed train, it’s got a whole host of juicy loot onboard including two gold bars. If that’s not enough then head to the Whisky Tree for a spot of shooting practise where you’ll be rewarded with some very welcome gold nuggets.


Be a Considerate Cowboy

The honour system built into Red Dead is supposedly unbiased, allowing players to choose whether they want to be a true outlaw or more a man of the people. That being said, there are lots of financial incentives that come with being an upstanding member of society. For example, stores will sell to you at better rates, you won’t have to worry about paying off bounties and strangers will pay you if you help them in their hour of need.


Max Your Cash

While you can spend hours and hours grinding away to build your account balance up, you can also use our services to have it done for you. Check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 options where you can choose from RDR2 modded accounts and online cash & gold bar packages. 


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