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How to Make More Money on GTA Online

Money is everything in GTA V, originating from the main story’s focus of the search for the mighty dollar. Moving into GTA Online, money is even more important as it’s needed for pretty much everything in the game. If you need lots of cash quickly, find how to get money in GTA 5 online by completing the following missions.


Double Money Events

Every week, Rockstar Games changes what you can do for double money. One week it will be on races or even adversary modes, although the cash you earn from these can still be pretty low. If double money on offer in Gunrunning or Vehicle Cargo, there’s more of a chance of earning a lucrative sum. On the rare occasion that a Heist is a double money event, get your crew together and grind it out!



GTA cash: $400k per hour

Heists are the best way to make a tonne of money – especially the Pacific Standard Heist.You and your three mates must have a high enough skill level to complete the missions efficiently, because this way you’ll earn more money quickly. If there’s only two or three of you, the Doomsday Heist can earn you a heap of cash by completing it efficiently.


Special Cargo

GTA cash: $300k per hour

For a solo player looking to make the most money per hour, special and vehicle cargo missions will do that. They do require an Office building and warehouses which cost a lot of money, but the return on your investment will be fast when completing these missions. With your vehicle cargo, you’ll want to get vehicles to fill your warehouse with the 10 unique standard and mid-range cars and no duplicates. This will ensure that every source mission you do after will result in a top of the range car. From this point, you just export a top range car and source another continually.


VIP Work

GTA cash: $150k per hour

If you’re really into your money grinding, then VIP work will be for you. From the moment you start an organisation as a VIP or CEO, you can start VIP work with various free roam missions to complete. This also acts as a great way to fill your time between vehicle exports while upping your hourly intake. Headhunter, Hostile Takeover and Sightseer missions are worth a try.


Gunrunning/Motorcycle Club

GTA cash: $80k per hour

It may seem a small return-per-hour, but these tasks will make money for you as you make money elsewhere. With a Bunker for Gunrunning or a Motorcycle and Cocaine Business, you can maximise your profits with passive methods. Get the supplies you need for your business and covert those in a product which you can sell for a profit. Buying the supplies is good for your time, as all you have to do is sell the product once it’s ready. Just remember to sell what you can as a solo player to save time.


Time Trials

GTA cash: $50k per hour

If you’re good at time trials, you can earn quite a lot of money. For just a few minutes of driving, you can earn $50k! You must choose your trial carefully though, as some can be quite tricky. Check out time trial guides to find the most helpful active trial for that week. You’ll want to avoid trials that take longer than 10 minutes as your profit margins will dip.


Air Freight & Nightclubs

Investing in Air Freight and Nightclubs aren’t the most profitable things you can do, they’re options for you to keep things fresh. Completing missions to earn more GTA cash through these methods may be quite a grind, but the missions can be incredibly fun. Grand Theft Auto is all about fun, so make money fast in your way.

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