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How to Get Unique Items in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is a fun RPG game based on the block-building phenomenon. Like with all RPGs, as you hack and slash through the game, you’ll be on the lookout for new gear from your precious loot. The items you really want will glow bright orange, the unique items.

One of the rarest pieces to find in the game, these unique weapons and armour can deal huge damage thanks to their incredible perks. These are the best items in the game, so you need to know everything there is to know about unique items in our Minecraft Dungeons guide.


What are Unique Items in Minecraft Dungeons?

Unique items are the rarest items in Minecraft Dungeons, and they have special abilities which can be combined with the right enchantments to wreak havoc on mobs and change the way you interact with your combat.

Abilities can include increased fire-rates, extra damage or even a helpful companion. As Minecraft Dungeons has three difficulty tiers, it’s these unique items that you need to tackle everything Minecraft Dungeons has to offer.


Minecraft Dungeons Item Rarity Levels

Items in Minecraft Dungeons have three different rarity levels: common, rare, and unique. Common items marked with white, rare items are green, and unique items are given the colour orange. 

When finding items, you’ll find that certain items might be more common but could have higher strength. However, unique items usually come with perks that make them better than common and rare items. While common and rare items rarely have any differences between them, unique items each have a perk that sets them apart from the rest, which is why they’re the most valuable items in Minecraft Dungeons.

Unique items can drop as early as the first few levels of the game, but are much more common in later levels. By switching difficulty levels to Adventure and Apocalypse, you will find unique items earlier than you would during standard difficulty.


Getting Unique Items in Minecraft Dungeons

Finding unique items is purely down to luck, however there are things you can do to increase your chances to drop unique items. These include:

  • Increasing the difficulty of the game. The harder the game is to play, the better chance of finding unique items.
  • Beating Treasure Pigs
  • Opening Fancy Chests in dungeons.

You can find 31 unique weapons by defeating Treasure Pigs and opening chests. If you find you’re not finding any in the dungeon or want to try for more, leave the dungeon to have another chance of finding a Unique Item. If you’re playing in multiplayer, you cannot drop items or trade items between your group. If someone gets the unique item you badly want, it’s theirs to do with how they please.


List of Minecraft Dungeons Unique Items

Below you will find a list of all the unique items available in Minecraft Dungeons. These include melee weapons, ranged weapons and weapon armour sets.

Unique Weapons

  • Broadsword (Sword)
  • Cursed Axe (Axe)
  • Dancer’s Sword (Sword)
  • Dark Katana (Sword)
  • Diamond Pickaxe (Pickaxe)
  • Diamond Sword (Sword)
  • Eternal Knife (Sword)
  • Fangs of Frost (Dagger)
  • Fighter’s Bindings (Gauntlet)
  • Firebrand (Axe)
  • Flail (Mace)
  • Fortune Spear (Spear)
  • Frost Scythe (Scythe)
  • Grave Bane (Glaive)
  • Hammer of Gravity (Hammer)
  • Hawkbrand (Sword)
  • Heartstealer (Sword)
  • Highland Axe (Axe)
  • Jailor’s Scythe (Scythe)
  • Master’s Katana (Sword)
  • Maulers (Gauntlet)
  • Nameless Blade (Sword)
  • Nightmare’s Bite (Sickle)
  • Soul Fists (Gauntlet)
  • Stormlander (Hammer)
  • Sun’s Grace (Mace)
  • The Last Laugh (Sickle)
  • Truth Seeker (Sword)
  • Venom Glaive (Glaive)
  • Whirlwind (Axe)
  • Whispering Spear (Spear)

Unique Bows

  • Auto Crossbow
  • Azure Seeker
  • Bonebow
  • Bow of Lost Souls
  • Butterfly Crossbow
  • Doom Crossbow
  • Elite Power Bow
  • Feral Soul Crossbow
  • Firebolt Thrower
  • Guardian Bow
  • Harp Crossbow
  • Lightning Harp Crossbow
  • Hunter’s Promise
  • Master’s Bow
  • Mechanical Shortbow
  • Nocturnal Bow
  • Purple Storm
  • Red Snake
  • Sabrewing
  • The Green Menace
  • The Pink Scoundrel
  • The Slicer
  • Twin Bow
  • Voidcaller

Unique Armour Sets

  • Archer’s Armor
  • Cave Crawler
  • Ember Robe
  • Fox Armor
  • Frost Bite
  • Highland Armor
  • Souldancer Robe
  • Spider Armor
  • Wither Armor

While finding and selling weapons is a great way to farm emeralds, that will also help you buy unique weapons and armour. However, it can take a long time to build up enough emeralds to buy unique items. With Minecraft Emeralds services from DGZ Gold you can get everything you need whether you’re playing on Xbox One, PC or through the Minecraft Game Launcher.

Don’t forget your XP & Enchantment Points, so you can level up all the unique items to be unstoppable in the dungeons!

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