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GTA V Coming to PS5 & Xbox Series X in 2021

During June’s PlayStation 5 online event, the world was surprised by the announcement that GTA V is coming to PS5.

It’s very common nowadays for games to cross-generations. With the upcoming release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, certain games are being developed to appear on both consoles. At the beginning of the eighth generation, games such as Assassins Creed Black Flag and Wolfenstein: The New Order were also released on PS3 and Xbox 360. Very rarely, if it all, does a game release across three generations. Until now after Rockstar Games announced that GTA V is coming to new generation consoles in 2021.

History of GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V was first released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 17th September 2013 to commercial and critical acclaim. The incredible open world of Los Santos and Blaine County wowed gamers alongside its thrilling gameplay, and the innovative three protagonist narrative that allowed players to switch between characters at will. In its first 20 hours, the game had sold over 11 million copies worldwide, taking only three days to reach $1bn in sales to become the fastest-selling entertainment product in history.

The game was re-released on PS4 and Xbox One on 18th November 2014 with a PC version launching on 14th April 2015. Overall, the game has sold over 130 million copies to date with worldwide revenue of $6bn. 

Grand Theft Auto Online

Two weeks after the huge release of GTA V, it’s new, free MMO add-on, GTA Online was released to the world. Gamers could create their own character and enjoy a story and various modes in an online Los Santos environment. Up to 30 players can appear on the same map with others appearing in matchmaking for games. The aim is to build your own criminal empire by building your cash, inventory, property portfolio and vehicle garage. 

Over time, Rockstar released free updates to the online game, including seasonal events alongside new game modes and areas including heists, a nightclub and a casino. The entire game uses online currency which players can earn in the game or buy in-game currency for actual cash that you add to your account. The microtransactions in the game have made huge money for Rockstar Games.

What Will GTA V on PS5 Include?

The single-player adventure featuring Michael, Franklin and Trevor will be heading to “a new generation of consoles” in the second half of 2021. The new version of GTA V will feature a swathe of technical improvements, visual upgrades and performance enhancements that will take full advantage of the newest hardware. Rockstar promises that the game will look more beautiful and will be more responsive than ever.

Could GTA V Be Coming to VR?

While details of the improvements are scarce, there is evidence that GTA V could be re-released as a VR title as well. With VR systems here to stay, including current PSVR headsets being compatible with PS5, and other open world games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Borderlands 2 making the move to VR, it seems GTA V is next. The same studio behind LA Noire: The VR Case Files recently advertised for new staff to join them on another collaboration with Rockstar.

Will GTA Online Be on PS5?

For Grand Theft Auto Online players, the progress you have made will transfer to the new generation as you continue to play in this always evolving game. New updates and additional content will be released exclusively for new consoles and PC. 

Additionally, GTA Online will be released as a standalone game, without needing to own the base game. This will be available free for PS5 players, who are PlayStation Plus members, during the first three months of release.

Gamers who play GTA Online on PS4 between now and the PS5 release will get $1m of GTA cash, for each month they play, added to their account.

Will My GTA Cash Carry Over?

Yes, everything from your current generation will be carried over to the new consoles, as long as you’re using the same account on them. So if you buy GTA Cash from DGZ Gold on PS4, you will see that on PS5 – unless you spend it before then! Get all the GTA Online cash for PS4 ahead of the switch or enjoy one of our Millionaire’s Cash Drops if you want to be a high roller on the new generation of consoles.

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