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What’s New For Fortnite Season 6?

With the brand new Fortnite season just a couple of weeks old, we thought now was the perfect time to take a look at what you can expect from the Fortnite new season.

Now that Jonesy and The Foundation have saved the entire island from the evil Zero Point there are several changes that have become quite apparent. New weapons and locations are a given but people have begun to notice wild animals roaming around the season 6 Fortnite map as everything starts to go a little primal.

Here we’re going to be taking a look at some of the most important changes you can expect to see after the fundamental restructuring that took place at the end of season five.



New Locations to Explore

Whenever a new season launches the most immediately obvious changes are those made to the map. The Fortnite map for season 6 now includes the spire, a huge tower right at the heart of the part of the map that currently houses The Foundation.

When heading over there make sure you check out the small device at the base of the tower which allows you to exchange an orb dropped by one of the new Spire guardians for a juicy loot reward. There are also a number of smaller Spires that have appeared throughout the map that have their own guardians and even a device designed to hurl you closer to the main one, should you be in a hurry to make it over.

Alongside the new Spire tower, there are some other alterations to the map. What was the Colossal Colosseum has become the Colossal Crops and the former Salty Towers is now the Boney Burbs.


Wild Animals Now Roam Free

That’s right you read that correctly, animals have been spotted all around the map! The primal theme is to blame here with multiple beasts wandering freely that can either be used to your advantage or hunted down.

Some of the animals you can expect to encounter are; wolves, chickens, frogs and warthogs. If you decide to hunt them then you’ll be rewarded with crafting items like meat and bones. 

Another trick to remember is that if you find a chicken out there in the wild then try grabbing it before it can escape. You’ll then be able to jump much higher and glide over distances.


Craft Weapons on the Move

Guns and other weapons that feature the little hammer icon next to them can be upgraded via your inventory. This is done with animal bones and can be used to make primal weapons before allowing you to create more familiar ones.

If you hunt a little harder you can also find rare items to use whilst crafting. This will give you access to things like flaming bows that can be used to ignite wooden structures. If you combine multiple animal bones with their meat you’ll find that you can craft a hunter’s cloak – this protects you from wild animal attacks for a period of time.


Hunt for Rare Bunker Chests 

Despite the blast we saw wiping out Zero Point that also destroyed a lot of modern technology, there are some hidden gems to discover throughout the map. These come in the form of rare bunker chests that are crammed full of powerful rare and legendary weapons.  

Some of these chests are known to contain weapons like rocket launchers that are sure to put you in good shape for the match ahead. 

They are well hidden though so bear that in mind before you embark on a hunt for one!


Plenty of New Weapons 

Tying in with the new focus on crafting weapons, you’ll find basic versions of guns around the map that can be modified and upgraded. You can essentially take common weapons like pistols or shotguns and turn them into powerful primal or mechanical guns. Which type you decide on will have a dramatic impact on how effective you are, primal guns are generally more powerful but mechanical ones are much more accurate so choose carefully.

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