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Cheap in-game currency is your number one source for the cheapest and most reliable in-game currency and recovery services.

24/7 Support

We provide support over a variety of social platforms/email to help you experience the best customer support service when making a purchase or browsing our services.

A majority of our services are delivered DIRECTLY to your account as that proves to be the most secure process with minimal wait times.

Certain services however may require customer input if the game operates with a transfer market/auction house set up (Forza Horizon 4 being an example)

Regardless of the delivery option, all methods are tried and tested regularly to make sure that you are receiving your purchase as FAST as possible in a SECURE manner.

Currently we support payments through two major payment gateways:

Skrill and G2A Pay

Skrill allows you to make your purchase using a variety of different credit/debit card options.

G2A Pay boasts the largest selection of payment methods ranging from paying via your G2A Wallet Balance, Bank Transfers, Gift Cards and MORE!

Both gateways are VERY SIMPLE to use and most importantly keep your data secure!

Most services as standard have a 24 hours MAXIMUM delivery period, you should expect that no matter the circumstances (unless specified otherwise) it will not take longer than that assuming instructions have been followed.

Each product page will give you a clear indication of the delivery time for that product/service.

DGZGold is a platform that allows for the sale of in game currencies/recovery services on a middle man basis over the operation of suppliers.

Through the pairing we are able to provide customers with the VERY BEST services at the most cost effective rates.

We regularly looks to provide as many innovative services as we can and we are always keen on feedback, you are all the key for what YOU want to see on site!

The services are available to all on a worldwide basis.

Even when it comes to customer support we will be more than happy to translate into a language you are comfortable with.

For regular order updates or general questions, contact our Discord for the more up to date support!

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